Demolition Plans Revealed For St. Nicholas Church

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There are new details on the construction on Route 28. A major hang up for the project has been St. Nicholas Church. On Thursday, demolition plans for the church were revealed, but there are also big changes that drivers will see starting on Friday...

PittGirl vs. David Conrad

The Pittsburgh-born actor and city champion sits down for a fascinating conversation on St. Nick's church, the spirit of Pittsburgh and more. - See more at:

Dec. 10, 1952

Dec. 10, 1952:  The children mourned at St. Nicholas died in a tragedy set in motion by a minor late-night automobile accident on Dec. 5, 1952. A car driven by a 17-year-old Ohio University student crashed into the three-story home occupied by the Moulis family, causing a gas leak. Thirty minutes later, the house blew up. A second explosion set the structure on fire. Robert and Rose Moulis were dragged from the ruins, but their children perished. A few days [...]

Dec. 5, 1952

Dec. 5, 1952: Since it closed in 2004, St. Nicholas Church has been an empty, dark shell pressed hard against one of the area’s busiest roads, Route 28. But for decades, the building served as a place for a community to gather for worship, to celebrate its happy times and, as was the case in December of 1952, to mourn in the wake of tragedy.

Former St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church, North Side

If you're stuck in evening rush hour traffice on Route 28, the former St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church looms as a dark and empty presence rising up a steep, wooded hillside. Even so, it's an impressive structure, with its three onion domes. Nearby sits a rectory and grotto...