Monument to the Church of St. Nicholas in Pittsburgh (Croatia Brotherly Community in America)

To view the actual article in Croatian, visit the Croatia Brotherly Community in America website by clicking this link. To read the English translation of the article, click this link to download the Word document.

Route 28 retaining wall to bear artistic flair

After four years, construction on Route 28 is ending with an artistic flourish. Workers as of last week had completed installation of four of six art panels on a retaining wall, depicting the rich history of the area. The images were drawn from a time before motor vehicles became the dominant feature of the corridor.

Faith low for future of land

Let's say for a moment that you owned a house — the biggest and arguably once the nicest one in your neighborhood. It's on a prime piece of real estate. Your neighbors think it's beautiful. It's been standing for more than 100 years...

St. Nicholas Church site to get historical marker

St. Nicholas Church is gone, but the landmark building along Route 28 will be commemorated with one of 21 new state historical markers. The marker will become part of a memorial plaza that will pay tribute to the Croatian community that developed on Pittsburgh's North Side starting in the 1890s.