Hahn Road Cemetery

The newly-founded St. Nicholas Croatian Roman Catholic Church, North Side, “St. Nick’s”, having no burial ground of its own, had partnered with St. Joseph’s Bohemian Cemetery in West View, PA for the burial of its members.  Realizing the need for its own cemetery, Pastor Father Duic secured a large tract of land on Hahn Road in Ross Township for St. Nick’s own cemetery in August, 1915.  The initial debt of $5,000 for the deposit on the land was quickly obliterated with sales to parishioners for family plots.  With gently rolling hills and a pine-tree-lined road, it became a beautiful place to reflect on the lives of loved ones, as families came together to say their final goodbyes.  By 2016, the cemetery had grown in use to over 2,400 interments.

For use in genealogy purposes only, PCHF has compiled a partial list of interments which includes the names of those buried within, along with death dates and birth dates, whenever available. To access that list, please click here or use the download button below.

Should the survivors of those interred wish to not have their loved one listed, please notify PCHF via the Contact form.

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