Plans to Memorialize Saint Nicholas Church, North Side

Dear St. Nicholas Supporters, This article by Ruth Ann Dailey printed in today's Post-Gazette newspaper. It reveals some interesting and positive plans to memorialize Saint Nicholas Church, North Side. More information will follow in PCHF's next newsletter. Wishing you all a very Merry and Blessed Christmas, PCHF Board

In Route 28 redo, a ‘grand entrance’ of art

What can you get for $100 million? If you're PennDOT, the answer is, and always has been, concrete. Lots of concrete. But now you'll also get ... art. When Route 28's overhaul wraps up next year, the retaining wall along the base of Troy Hill will boast something Pittsburgh hasn't ever seen.

You Can't Raze My Memory

Generally I am the type to gladly let your God go with you and leave it at that. Even so, having been raised by Born Again Christian Presbyterian parents who showed their devotion to the Lord partly by having 12 kids, my upbringing has given me a bit of a holier-than-thou attitude regarding Christian families. I wouldn’t blame it all on the parents, since I have chosen to be critical of those who claim to hold beliefs like “love your neighbor” and “pray [...]

A church destroyed

Ultimately, it was Bishop David Zubik, who recently did what others could not and would not -- destroy the church of the first Croatian Roman Catholic parish in the United States despite its eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places and its designation as a City Historic Structure.

St. Nicholas Church did not have to go

At first blush, the former St. Nicholas Church seemed to have a fatal flaw. Either it was blocking progress in the path of a widened Route 28 or it was marooned on the shoulder with no safe means of access. But a closer look reveals both popular impressions to be false.

Why St. Nicholas Church had to go

I do understand the love and devotion that we have for our churches. I do understand the pain and profound sense of loss that is being felt by those who loved the old St. Nicholas Church building on East Ohio Street. But in recent years, a thought had kept me awake at night.

Photos of the Day

Photos taken during a rally in support of St. Nicholas Church as part of the Preserve Croatian Heritage group that wants to prevent the building from being demolished.